Watchet Cider Company

Traditional craft cider, made naturally using 100% juice and apples handpicked from orchards in West Somerset. Fermented slowly in small batches.

We are a traditional craft cider maker. This means that we hand-pick locally grown apples from untreated, unsprayed orchards and press them by hand using only traditional methods. Our cider is made from freshly pressed apple juice—never from concentrate—and we do not use commercial yeast or artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

Established in 2012 by Nick Middleditch, we produce small artisan batches each year through a process of natural slow fermentation that utilises only the wild yeasts that occur naturally on the apples whilst growing in the orchards.

We carefully hand pick apples grown in West Somerset, from orchards that do not chemically fertilise or use pesticides, and we predominantly use apples from orchards that would otherwise go to waste. These orchards produce fruit that is lower in nitrogen and therefore ferment more slowly producing a better flavoured authentic Somerset cider without compromise.

Watchet Cider Co. was born of a chance encounter with Nick and a local orchard owner. Nick was looking for a supply of apples to make cider for his wedding in 2012 and the orchard owner was looking for someone to make use of their apples instead of letting them go to waste each year. The first 200 litre batch of cider was pressed and served with great acclaim at Nick and Olivia's wedding reception.

Using apples from once-forgotten orchards, Watchet Cider Company aims to produce an authentic West Country cider for the modern consumer.

Every batch of cider is different using only the best available fruit at the time. All our ciders are matured for at least 6 months with minimal intervention and long cold fermentation. Watchet Cider is a product of which we are very proud.